Welsh Master honoured by International Guild


167878_182109758491857_175088159194017_368003_241150_nNorth Wales martial artist Pol Wong has been honoured by the World Martial Arts Council (WMAC), he has been given an honoury induction into the International Guild of Masters at a presentation at Derby University.

The award puts Pol Wong into an elite group of martial arts masters world wide from all styles of martial arts, including Kendo, Karate, Taekwondo, Eskrima and Muay Thai boxing. Pol Wong has had a glittering career in martial arts having begun training as a nine year old. He has won many international tournaments and championships in many countries and across disciplines, including Kung fu, kickboxing and weapons. In 2002 Wong retired from competition as undefeated W.U.M.A .Welsh kickboxing champion and European freestyle middleweight champion after becoming ordained as a 33rd generation Shaolin monk.

At the time he said “True martial arts is not about competition or sport but about self development. I have enjoyed a successful career in competition but to me it has always about learning and testing my Kung fu. I think I have proved to myself that my kung fu works in the field of combat now, so it’s time to move on and concentrate on developing my art in other ways”.

Wong made a brief comeback in 2005 when he won the European open kickboxing championships in Prague, which he says he only entered to pay back a favour to a friend and former trainer.

President of the World Martial arts council, Alan Foster said ” we first became aware of Pol in 1999 when he won four gold medals in the World martial arts games, a feat he repeated in 2001, and when he won the European kickboxing title in Holland the same year. We felt that his dedication and long history of achievement in martial art deserved recognition at the highest level. We have also approached Pol to set up a National Executive Committee for Wales for our council.”

Pol Wong who trained at the famous Shaolin Temple is dedicated to opening an international martial arts and cultural centre in Llangollen which is backed by the Chinese temple. He said “I’m very pleased to be asked to bring Wales into the WMAC in order to improve the practice and regulation of martial arts across Wales”.